SKIN CARE With Olive + M

Hi guys! For today's post I'm really excited to share my new favorite skin care item! For more information about Olive + M you can click here to go to their website. Once you check them out, make sure to come back here to finish reading my post!

I cannot believe that we are already into the second week of 2017. I felt like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas, and here we are, already planning Valentine's Day and itching for our next vacation (lol, if you're not itching for a vaca, trust me, I AM!)

I first heard about Olive + M when I attended Indie Beauty Expo last August. There were many brands showcasing their lines and products, but Olive + M really stood out for me. I instantly connected with the warm and vibrant energy of the team and was eager to learn more about their products. From using their products to doing extensive research on their site, I am excited to say that this is the product of THE YEAR. I was very nervous to use a cleansing product that was oil based on my face. A part of me was scared that I would break out more or it would make my skin oily.

To my surprise, THE EXACT OPPOSITE happened. My skin was feeling rejuvenated, soft, hydrated, and most importantly, it felt healthy. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning to soft and healthy looking skin.

I have been using the cleansing oil on a daily basis for the past few months and I'm almost scared to run out of product! It's such a favorite part of my morning routine that I never want to be without it. Once my face is cleansed and dried off with a cloth, I begin my makeup process.

What I love most is how moisturized the cleansing oil leaves my face. Below is a daily makeup selfie of how my skin has been looking since using Olive + M cleansing oils.

Below are a few benefits of using the all of Olive +M cleansing oil in my skin care routine.

Hydrated skin

Smoother make up application

 Clearer skin

I have been normal to dry skin and thankfully only break out when it is the time of the month. I occasionally get a pimple here and there when I'm stressed, but since using the cleansing oil, my skin has felt more relaxed and calm. 

Using the cleansing oils I have noticed that breakouts during my period and times of stress are not as bad as they used to be.

I would like to thank Olive + M for sending me such amazing product; this has by far been one of the best PR collaborations I have been a part of. You can check out their website for all the array of products. GO GO GO!

As always, thank you for reading and checking out my site! If you guys have any questions about these products, my DMs are always open!! 

Love you all!

Xo, B