As I sit at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto, I can't help but reflect the past three days. This was my 3rd time traveling with Geri and my first time traveling with Lissy. And as they say, you really get to know a person when you travel with them. I got to know Lissy on a much closer level. All i have to say is... I can't wait for our next girls trip! Traveling with other bloggers can be tricky, (especially with sassy tempered Latinas) but OMG, the amount of laughs we had on this trip will last a lifetime. Love my girls and the memories of this trip so much! 

(side note, this blog post covers touristy sturffff. Gen Beauty Toronto post will be up next week)

Now on to a recap of our Toronto Trip!

First things first, we booked our stay through AirBnB. It's been YEARS since I've used hotel service and I do not miss it one bit. AirBnB is less expensive, more homey, and great way to book stay on any vacation! Not to mention, the best way to make real life connections and friendships. We stayed in the Entertainment District and our place even had a balcony! (I was so obsessed, I almost brought out the air mattress to sleep outside. (but the 40 degree weather was not so great) See images below to our stay! 

When we arrived to Toronto, we started off with lunch at Jack Astors. Their restaurant consisted of burgers, fries, quesadillas, and the COOLEST staff ever. It was awesome vibes and great laughs with my girls. Doesn't the food look UH-mazingggggggg?? #YASHONEY

After eating and checking out our temporary home, we got glammed up for the night! I was so excited for dinner and drinks at the famous CN Tower! We were straight up #VIEWS all night! The girls and I had our reservation booked a week in advance and decided to go with the Two-Course Dinner. I just realized I have no pics of our dinner. I promise you, we didn't just go for drinks and dessert lol. I had that goooood chicken, Lissy got the steak, and Ger got the salmon. 

After our dinner, we walked, got lost, walked some more, got lost again. Then we finally found our car and the we made ur way back home! The last touristy part of our trip was visiting the ROM and driving around to see Toronto. Hope you enjoy the trip pics! 

Have any of you guys visited Canada? Let me know what your experiences were like! I'm thinking of going back soon, but possibly to Montreal or Vancouver. #YASSSSSSSS

Thanks for checking out the post, Love you guys!