Guests of the Wedding


Last week Rady and I attended the wedding of Juan and Elizabeth. It was a beautiful reception at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. The food, music, and energy was amazing and Rady and I had the best night. Really made us so excited for our wedding in a few months! 

If you guys follow m on IG, then you know i bought my dress for the wedding the DAY OF! I procrastinated so bad with my shopping and prep for the wedding. Rady made sure to have his suit  and shoes ready days before the wedding, but I mean, how hard is it to find a tux and shoes.. You know what I'm saying? Boys have it so much easier! I tried on so many dresses and didn't like any!

I snuck out of work (for any bosses reading this, ummm, I went out during my lunch ok!) and raced over to the 5th floor at Macy's. And almost so seamlessly, there it was.. the exact dress I had in mind but didn't know existed. I knew I was a black dress that was both conservative, but sexy. I saw this Ralph Lauren Flutter-Sleeve Gown with an Open Slit and it was perfect. It was elegant, stylish, and perfect for my body type. I am 5'6 with curves and this dress snugged so perfectly on me. 

ALSO - just an FYI - I did wear Spanx! We ate a lot throughout the night so I definitely did not want to have a food baby.

I love a night where I can get dressed up and do some glam makeup. I wish I remembered the exact products I used so I can share with you guys, but this day was so crazy! (I had work, meetings, and still last minute prep to do before we left to the wedding at 5pm. It was a miracle we didn't get there late!

The wedding was overall beautiful and I wish Juan and Elizabeth many beautiful years of love and happiness. 



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