Savor it All with Savor.It.All - Wedding Post

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Hey guys!


I cannot believe how long it has been since my last wedding post. There
are so many updates to share with you guys, and of course it’s all about
the progress that we made with the wedding! We’re going to talk
bridesmaids, wedding invites, the venue selection, literally everything,
all in the next coming weeks! You guys have been asking and have been so patient with me, but I will be delivering so much more soon!


But before we get into all that itty-bitty details about this once-in-alifetime event, I have to share with you guys the number one product PERFECT for this overly obsessed bride! And if you’re planning a wedding or know anyone else planning a wedding, then keep on reading!

We are in collaboration with Savor It All for today’s post, and I’m excited to share the amazing product they have to offer us brides! Savor It All has a most unique idea to hit the wedding market. This product is perfectly made for any bride whose special mementos mean the world to her. This is for the bride who will remember the most magical day of her life by going into her special keepsake box and pulling out that old wedding invite or congratulations card from her engagement. Is it just me, or do you also keep EVERYTHING from this moment in your life. I have kept every piece, every card, every photo Rady has ever given me. But I didn’t have a special keepsake where I specifically stored our wedding and engagement memories. I do now!


A few months ago I shared with you guys how I deeply enjoy saving photographs of me and Rady. I’ve saved photos for years and it’s something I’m deeply and connected to doing. There something special about flipping through a scrapbook or opening a special keepsake box. I love living in the digital age, but somethings don’t beat the physical touch of an object connected to a huge millstone in your life.

With Savor, It All, all your special details stay organized while keeping the emotional aspects connected to your special day. I have been using my Knot Wedding Planner binder to organize my vendors and ideas, but what makes the Savor It All Keepsake Box so special is that you can label the compartments and folders and organize all the little details.

This box brings all the labels to help you organize your folders and the many compartments help you store your invitations and bridal jewelry. I’m using the folder to help me organize my playlist, guest list, and my top photographers and videographers to choose from.

You can easily put on the shelf and use to decorate the house. The box will be placed on our bedroom shelf, and it’s where I'll go to every time I want to look back on the special day of our lives. Savor It All doesn’t only have wedding keepsakes boxes, they have so many editions such as baby and school years editions. The Wedding Keepsake box comes in two different color variations. It is simple and very easy to use and organize.

With this keepsake box, you store the memories of your first date to your engagement to your first anniversary as a married couple. I LOVE anything that brings me back those special moments. It’s crazy how your wedding is literally only a few hours in one day and while that doesn’t compare to the rest of your life with your soulmate, this keepsake box will bring you back to that special day, each time you open it and go through.

The Savor It All keepsake box is an amazing gift for any future bride Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming and so much happens in the midst of all. Anything that can help you just a little is a HUGE win in my book.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s wedding post! I am super excited to share more. Xoxo


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