7 Biggest Lessons We've Learned The Last 7 Years

 When I realized that Rady and I were about to make seven years together (this being our first year engaged) I really wanted to share a personal post with you guys just about the seven biggest lessons we learned over the course of our relationship.  Just like everything else in life, relationships only work when you do. There's a lot more ways Rady and I will continue to grow, but for now just wanted to share a few that came to mind as we thought about it.


1. Compromise - you really learn how to work as a couple and open your mind to other ideas and perspectives.

2. Love Ourselves First - this one is important for me. loving yourself can seem like a selfish act, and it is to an extent, but if I have no love for me or Rady doesn't have love for his own self, how can we reciprocate that love to each other. It's become somewhat of a cliche over the last few years, but it's hold so much truth.

3. Agree to Disagree - & That's Ok - we're not always going to agree with the best way to handle a situation, or share the same views, but we gotta respect it.

4. Quality time - I MEANNNNN, it's always needed <3 

5. Adulting Together is Hard - Like very very hard. We're not living together yet and I'd be lying if we already didn't bump into some obstacles as we prepare for our future. We're saving for an apartment, a wedding, and we're compromising so much of what we love to do.

6. Patience - I mean, should I show you guys his sneaker collection?! He's only got TWO feet! But I will say, he's brought me into that world and showed how it's a lot more than just shoes. It's a culture. He doesn't judge me for ever working freelance and unconventional jobs that make me happy, so I don't want to judge on what makes him happy.

I've also learned that I shouldn't focus on other people's opinions on my relationship. Being in a 7 year long relationship with the same person without any kids or talk of marriage wasn't really settling for a lot of my friends, and more specifically my parents. But sometimes I think people forget that Rady and I were pretty young when we metand we're trying to figure our own lives out. 

7. Don't wear creamy lipsticks when I'm with Rady because he will NOT kiss me - HE WILL NOT. I mean, I'll obviously force him too, but from now on he always has napkins handy to wipe off the lipstick I leave on him.



1. Flowers are Important. NEVER EVER forget flowers. This is for every man out there.

2. Bibi doesn't like silence, so when we're taking about anything, pay attention and always converse back.

3. Patience, lots and lots of patience.

4. Bibi wants to hear what is on my mind. Again with the talking..

5. Don't lie to Bibi. Women never forget anything, even the smallest lies that you think they won't care about, they actually do.

6. Always say I love you. Even if we're fighting. 

7. Just love her even when she's cranky. Sometimes all Bibi needs is a hug

8. Date nights makes Bibi happy. Quality time beats everything else and it helps you not stay stuck in a routine of staying in and always ordering take out.

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