How To Create Fun Memories While Taking a Pause From Wedding Planning

Every since Rady and I decided to take time off from wedding planning, it's made our summer more fun and relaxed.  

Now, I'm not saying that wedding planning is a bad thing, but it can get real hectic real fast. But.. a part of me does kinda miss the planning of it all. It was kinda the vacation (without actually going anywhere) that I needed. Work isn't so hectic and I finally have a good blogging schedule, so I think soon we'll ready to get back on it. But for now, we're going to just enjoy the next few weeks of no wedding planning.

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with scrapbooking, photography, hand written notes.. there's something much more personal when it comes to holding an actual photo, than scrolling through a timeline. I think it's the old soul in me sometimes, or maybe just the feeling of nostalgia of looking through old photographs. I can scrapbook all day, especially on the days when I need a boost of inspo or even a mental break. 

I love Instagram as much as the next gal, but when it comes to Rady, I obviously love him more. Social media can can tricky.. You want to share your life, your love, your ideas, everything, but sometimes that can come at a cost. I can share fashion, beauty, and travels all day. But date night, yeah, that's for us <3

I'd love to share everything that Rady and I do on my Instagram and blog, but I always find myself holding back. Sometimes it's just better to keep certain things private. In all honesty, I feel that's a big reason why our relationship has been successful. We keep our special moments just between us. Not everything has to be for the gram.. <3

BUT even with that being said I will be sharing a lot more on the wedding section of my site. Even though we're still not in planning mode, there are a lot of ideas of what I do want to write about soon, for once we do start planning . Below are just some ideas I have for some future posts.. I love free writing without any real direction, but I want to share more wedding specific posts on this section.. I get excited just thinking about it.

- Bridal Boxes

- Wedding Theme and Ideas

- How to plan, organize, and budget 

- Ballroom or City Hall


Scrapbooking is a favorite hobby of mine (I even got Rady into it, he'll sometimes save random receipts from our take out date nights..)

Scrapbooking and printing photos can get pretty pricey, so I'm sharing what I do to keep costs down while I save more and more memories.

My favorite place to shop for scrapbooks is TJ Maxx & Marshall's. They have so many styles that cater to travel, weddings, baby books. And not to mention, they're affordable and cute! So many styles that give off Tumblr vibes.. 

Now my all time favorite places to print out my photos and pictures is using an app. The Free Prints PhotoBook app lets you print out up to 1,000 FREE pictures a month & all you pay for is shipping. My shipping normally comes out to $12-$13 which is soooo worth it. I was listening to my Pandora one day and their ad popped up. I'm happy I actually downloaded it. It's one of my favorite apps to use.

I could write all night.. but t's midnight and I work at 8AM tomorrow.. Keeping it short so I can to catch some ZzzZzz..

But a lot more to come soon <3 <3 

Thank you for reading.