The Beginning Stages.. Guest Invite List with Pizza On Our Side

Okay, so it's been a crazy last few weeks. Between work meetings, blog deadlines, family time, and trying to have somewhat of a social life, it's been a bit hard to plan wedding stuff. And not to mention all the UH-MAZING shows currently streaming on Netflix; how can one go on with life when they're bawling non-stop over 13 Reasons Why. Ugh.. too much. Like Hannah Baker, the tapes, the traumatic memories of High School, and Clay! Oh Clay... Ugh. Everyone MUST watch the show... And then watch it a second time! (like I'm currently doing right now.)

Okay, I'm getting distracted in this post; kinda like I do in real-life lol. But then again, work really shouldn't be called a distraction. (but all Creatives know that it is lol)

Okay, so back to this post. Rady and I have Sunday date night every week and a few weeks ago we decided to stay in and start the planning. We started off with the simple task of Who Are We Inviting. We're both very private people and we're trying really hard to keep the invite list to a maximum of 100 people. Honestly, being Dominican does not help in this particular situation. Cousins and aunts are popping left and right, and before we knew it... the list grew to 90 people. Remembering that this wedding is close to two years away is not helping. Can you  just imagine all the primos and Tia's that will magically plan their NY trips around that time.. I know I can. 

Don't know how I never realized of the number family members we actually have.. But we'll see when the RSVP's are sent out and how many people actually remember to send back. (my family is notorious for not sending those small envelopes back!)

Ugh, I get these sporadic bursts of thoughts and just write it down in this post. But yeah, back to the Dominos.. my fav. I'm a New Yorker, and the love for pizza is in my blood. It's a part of the lifestyle. It's who we are. So what better way for Rady and I to start the planning process than with a pepperoni slice in our hand. Want to send a BIG Thank You to Domino's for hooking me and Rady up with a few pies, brownies, and yummy cheese sticks. Rady and I looked into some more info on Domino's and we actually found out they do a wedding registry! Like how funny (slash-interesting) is that?! I don't think I love pizza enough to have it for my wedding day, BUT I wouldn't mind it every-time I had to plan and prep for the wedding!

So the way their wedding registry works in case you're interested is, soon to be brides can register for wedding gifts at Domino's Pizza. If you're not into typical gravy boats and dinnerware couples can register for variety of pizza gifts to enjoy before, during and after their weddings. I personally would enjoy before and after the wedding! Especially after the wedding :) :) :) 

Now that I'm slowly realizing that a wedding won't be the only thing I'll be planning, I figure Dominos might be a good idea for a bachelorette party?! Lol (Rady won't be happy to read that part, he def doesn't want me to have one lmao but maybe I'll persuade him with a Pan Pie Pizza! haha) Domino’s has it covered with its “Cater the Bachelorette Party” gift. There's also another fun option called "Dancing with my Slice" that can be incorporated into a wedding reception. I might know a few people who will actually be down for something like this! So maybe I won't register to that for my wedding, but when my friends start planning their big days, I got them covered! (insert pizza and heart emoji here)

Anyone interested in a wedding registry from Domino's can share their wish list with their family and friends through a unique URL. We've heard of wedding registries at Tiffany's, Neiman Marcus, Barney's, pretty much all fancy retailers; but every now and then, it's nice to keep things chill and enjoy a few slices of pizza. But can we talk about how totally unexpected their website is? Their wedding registry is actually pretty luxe! I'm impressed Dominos. <3

"To celebrate the launch of Domino’s Wedding Registry, wedding-inspired pins have been added to the official Domino’s Pinterest page at More information about Domino’s wedding registry is available at You can also check out the gifts here: " 

I hope you guys enjoyed this pizza-filled wedding post. I know most brides share that same struggle of an invite-list; how have you guys handled it when it was your day? Did you invite everyone? I definitely won't be giving out plus-ones, but trying to keep my list at 100 guests is looking tougher each day!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to everyone who has shared so much insight with me already! I really appreciate it. Just trying to get everything together..


Love you guys!

Bibi & Rady