Weddings Are Expensive AF, Here Is How We're Saving

Let's be real.

Weddings are expensive AF. Especially if you don't have a rich uncle or trust fund to help with the costs. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not doable! 

When Rady and I first got engaged, I didn't know if I wanted a wedding or not. It was very exciting at first, but it quickly became overwhelming. The costs, the planning, the venue visits, the invite list, the vendors to hire, everything became just too much. I think because of my busy hectic schedule and stuff going on in my personal life, I figured City Hall would be better. And honestly,  what the wedding cost were  looking like, we began to consider buying our first home (we chose to put that off, but that’ll be a post for another day). We knew we wanted to celebrate our love and union, but we have to be smart about costs and learned to put aside everything we can live without.

So after  anxiety calmed down and took a few breathers, we started planning again. Once all the excitement died down, we realized we actually we had a lot more support than we had thought. I learned that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and it’s definitely okay to accept the help and support when it’s offered to you. Sometimes my anxiety blocks people out of my life because I feel I have to do everything on my own. I now realize, I only burn out doing it that way. Soooo yeah, when people offer help, TAKE IT!!! 

I think any girl who plans her wedding wants it to be the perfect day, but sometimes costs (and your anxiety) can really limit the things you’ve always dreamt  of.. Although our wedding is a year away and we’re saving everyday, we have already found a few ways that have saved us some money! 

Keep reading below for some of my tips!

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Before I share my personal tips, I’m first sharing some tips that I feel are the main tips every wedding blog out there shares with you when saving money for a wedding....


  •  Having your wedding on a Sunday versus a Saturday can be cheaper. And if you have it on a Monday-Thursday, even less expensive! We are very stern on a specific wedding date for our wedding, which actually falls on a Sunday. I'm super happy about that because for the venue we have in mind, the price difference between Saturday and Sunday is pretty significant. 
  • Off peak weddings are cheaper too. Unfortunately for us, October is during On-Peak season BUT we are saving since we're having a Sunday wedding :) 
  • Rent a house or barn instead of a venue. There are some beautiful homes on Airbnb that can be used as an event space. Some of those homes are ideal for weddings! We had actually considered this, but then the headache of having to rent out chairs, linens, getting permits, inside/outside audio equipment got more complicated for what everything we wanted. So we dropped the idea. 


1. Have Your Bridal Shower At Home

Renting venues for a Bridal Shower can get just as costly as renting one for your wedding! What I hope to do for my Bridal Shower is to rent out an apartment or local space and have the party there. Or if you have a big space or home, simply celebrate it there! You can take any place and really bring it to life with roses, decorations, and food! The important thing is having everyone you love there with you.

2. Enter Every BRIDAL Contests Out There

I'm SOOO serious about this! Literally enter every Honeymoon giveaway, free makeover, free shoes contest out there. I have entered SOO many I have lost count.  BUT I did win something, and I won something HUGE!!! I will share more with you guys on that soon, don't worry, but I nearly screamed my life away when I found out I won!  . You never know what you can end up winning, and serioulsy any freebies help! 

3. Cutting Costs on Things You Don't Need

Have you guys watched Sex and the City 2 and realized how huge of #GOALS Stanford and Anthony's wedding was ? It was a winter wonderland with swans, choir, and Liza Minnelli. Weddings on TV and movies can really make you think you need all this extra stuff to have a beautiful wedding. It's so easy to get carried away with everything you want for that day, that you easily start paying for things you don't need. This whole wedding planning process is SO exciting and I love every moment of it, but I remind myself constantly (especially before a venue visit) to keep my emotions and excitement in check. 

4. Selling Stuff, De-Cluttering

Rady and i have more stuff than we can need right now, and with the preparation of moving in together and starting a new life, we’ve began selling shoes, bags, coats, stuff we just don’t use anymore. Any cash we make, we put in our savings account. 


I went to a sample last last month where they had $4,000-$10,000 dresses on sale from $150-$950!! Once i discovered that I didn’t have to pay full price for my wedding dress or shoes, it was a godsend! They had dresses from Vera Wang to Oscar De La Renta. Just keep in mind that if you see your dream dress in size 4, but you’re a size 8, there’s no guarantee you’ll find it in your size. But, there were so many beautiful dresses there. Here’s a few sites you can sign up to for sample sales! Oscar De La Renta had one last month and wedding shoes were starting at $50!! 

Sample Sally

260 Sample Sale

The Bridal Garden

Keep in mind that you will get lots of emails on sample sales, but if you're about saving money, than it'll be worth it! For the Bridal Garden, make sure you make an appointment before going!

6.  Join Facebook Groups and ASK ONE THOUSAND Questions From Past Brides-To-Be's

Below are two Facebook groups that I'm a part of where past brides share EVERYTHING! Like literally everything from how they save costs to how they deal with family drama during the wedding process.  If you think this post has been helpful so far, join a wedding FB group, ask one question, and you will see how i got nothing on those brides. These groups really have become a sisterhood for brides and bride to be’s. Any question you have, they’ve probably dealt with 10 times over.

The Wedding Connection

Brides to Brides


7. Save-The-Dates

Our wedding will be small and intimate (about 110) people, who pretty much all already know when the date for our wedding is. Initially we wanted to do save the dates to get everyone excited, but we’re planning on sticking to just send wedding invitations. Save the dates were looking at about $600 with invites, envelopes, and postage..and honestly, it's something we can live without for now.

8.DIY Is Your Best Friend

My mother and I are planning on creating our own center pieces. Thankfully we’ve been blessed with a florist in our family and with countless Youtube videos, we've decided to take the DIY route for this. We are considering decorating and prepping the venue ourselves the day before, but realistically it just doesn’t seem smart, so we might have to end up hiring extra help. The week of the wedding will be so hectic and chaotic, the less stress we have to deal with the better. 

We went to the Flower District last week to get an idea on flowers and see costing, and just know that I’m REALLY happy with the prices. I thought they’d be a lot more expensive, but I️ was pleasantly surprised. :)

9. Ask Everyone For Help. 

I mean, that's pretty self explanatory. Pull your friends and family to help you prep the souvenirs, the thank you cards, the gifts. When it's one person doing everything on their own, it gets way too overwhelming!

10. Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate

I like to think that I'm a really good negotiator, but the I realize who my dad is. He has no shame asking for discounts, extras, and barters. From my first venue visit to most recent one this week, I learned a few things. For instance, you can let your sales person know what your budget is right away and ask them what they can offer within your budget. Of course, make sure to do your research before seeing venue. Don't go to the Plaza expecting $100 plate per person. I'm all for negotiating, but you don't want to overdo it either.

11. Don't Say The W Word When Scouting Vendors.

According to a few wedding blogs I've read, the number one rule when buying or renting items in bulk, is to  NOT mention that it is for a wedding. Vendors tend to hike up prices when they realize their rentals are for a wedding. It's a business move and I totally get it, but they'll take advantage of the Bridal market and get as much as they from overwhelmed Brides. 

12. Rent Your Bridesmaids Dresses

I mean, men do it. Why not the girls too? Save your money and don't buy a dress you're only wearing once!


Thank you for checking out today's post, I hope it was a bit helpful! If you have any tips, please share in the comments! :)