After 3 Years, It Was Time For a Change!

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The last time I cut my hair was three years ago! I remember coming back from my Mexico trip and the first thing I wanted after landing was to do was chop all my hair off. The heat and humidity was so bad out there and I felt like my long hair made everything worse. It was so humid and hot and my hair did not behave whatsoever. I was planning a trip to Dominican Republic few months after Mexico and the thought of dealing with the heat and misbehaving hair all over again was a big NO NO. I needed to cut this hair, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the heavy weight and humidity again!

I'll admit tho, it was a very rash decision and I really didn't think much of it, I just assumed, ehhh hair grows back I’ll be fine, but oh boy!! who knew it would take so long to get back to a length I would like.

I loved it for a few weeks and then I quickly regretted it and missed my long hair! So I told myself I would never cut it again, everrrr. LIKE EVER.

So fast forward 3 years, and here I am with horrible split ends, damaged hair, AND so ready to get rid of the damage and weight, even if I had to cut most of it off. I won’t lie, it was a bit scary cause I didn’t want to go back to the short length. 

Now, let's talk about my visit and why this is THE salon of 2018.

Salon 5 and Spa  is located in Fort Lee, NJ and is Latina-owned. The owner, Ona is reason enough for me to make this my GO-TO Salon. Her positive energy, welcoming environment, and desire to make her customers have the best experience possible is what makes this salon so different from the ones I've visited in the past. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that this salon is 3 floors of LUXURY. The gray scale designs and fabulous waiting area will have you relaxed and excited as you wait until it’s time to style.

The moment you enter the salon, you're greeted by a warm welcoming stylist who then brings you upstairs to the waiting area, where you're then offered water, tea or coffee.

I sat down with my stylist Amina and let her know exactly what I wanted in today's visit. I wanted to keep my hair as long as I can, even though I knew I had extensive damage done to my ends and a lot might need to be cut. I use flatirons too often and it has been so damaging to my hair. Amina taught me that blow-dry is the way to go, and although I find flatirons so much easier, I'm going to take her expert advice and get myself a blower. I actually went to Century 21 the next day and purchased my first blow dryer! I'm seriously so excited to use it.

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The hair wash was such a soothing and massaging experience. I almost fell asleep cause of how good that hair massage was. They deep conditioned your hair with some of the best products on the market and left my hair feeling moisturized and healthy.

Once I sat in my seat, Amina got to cutting and she helped me achieved exactly what I wanted. I left with a look long enough to style how I normally style, and a look that is now healthier and stronger!

5 Salon & Spa is THE salon to go to and when you make your appointment, make sure you book with Amina! Her sweet and gentle personality makes for an amazing client to stylist relationship! 

Thank you guys for reading, hope you enjoyed!