Taking Care of My Skin with My Top 5 Products!

Ugh, I'm already so over the cold. I can tolerate it only when it's the holidays. But once the holidays are over, I don't really see the point in 10 degree weather anymore. Ugh - I'm just being dramatic. Today's weather was no good for my already chapped lips. Trust me, NOT CUTE!

 The cold weather creates irritation on my skin, which can sometimes make it hard to do makeup. Matte Foundation and especially Matte lipsticks are NOT my friends during these months.

I've been slacking a bit on my skincare, with holidays and work it's been a bit harder to keep up with my routine. I'm getting back into the routine by using my favorite products. There are SOO many products that I actually really love, but for today, I'll share my top 5.


1. Kiehl's LIP Balm #1 - $7.00

i love this lip balm. I stole it from Rady once and it was one of the most hydrating balms I’ve ever used on my lips! I apply every morning before my lipstick to make sure my lips don’t dry out too fast! 

2. Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer $19.00

I love using Derma E! It’s helped my skin stay smooth and hydrated, especially considering the amount of makeup I use daily! The citrus smell also helps wake my skin up and keeps me up during the rush hour mornings to work. 

3. Shea Moisture Hydrating Body Lotions $8.00

if you know me, then you KNOWWW how much i love Shea Moisture! Their holiday trio collection was one of my favs during Christmas and New Years. The dense and hydrating lotion kept my arms and legs nice and hydrated

4. Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher $16.00

This is another great lip product! Purlisse products always keep my skin and lips look healthy


 These are some of my favorite masks to use during the weekend and especially before bed. My skin wakes up feeling soft and super moist.