Pixi's Makeup Essentials for Summer 17'

Hey guys!

I feel like it's been so long since I've done a beauty post or talked about my favorite products. Being a blogger has some great perks. We get to test out products, meet and collab with other bloggers, and take pictures for fun. But best of all, we have a creative outlet where we talk about our favorite beauty stuff, talk about the woes and challenges we face, and we get to connect with so many other Creatives, not just in the blogging world :) 

I've been on the Pixi PR List for a while now and I normally show you guys the products through my IG stories, I wanted to have a more permanent place to talk about their products. Pixi BTW is one of my favvvv brands (and not just cause I'm on the PR list :) Their setting sprays and highlighting palletes are one of my favs.

Take a look below for Pixi's Summer Makeup Essentials!


1. Nourishing Lip Polish - $12

Okay, so i tried this product today and I was actually scared that the brissels would be rough on my lips. I don't know why, I just think anything with spikes and pointy end is going to hurt lol! But they don't. This is a lip exfoliator and I used this to exfoliate and plump my lips before applying my lipstick. Exfoliator are great for your lips because they take away dead skin and makes the lipstick application much smoother!

2. Multibalm 2 in 1 Cheek and Lip Color - $12

I love these balms! I received a package that also included a contour stick and it's one of my favorite sticks to contour with. I"m  not crazy about using this on my lips because of the round tip, but it's great on the cheeks and jawline to contour with.They come in 5 difference shades. The red, pink, and contour are my favs!! It's great for hot summer days when you don't want have a full face of makeup, but still want to snatch the face up a bit ;)

3. Quick Powder Fix $20.00

Who's makeup needs a touch-up by 3pm? Lord knows I do. I touch up on lipstick and like to re-powder my face to take any shine and oils away. I haven't gotten a chance to use this product yet (forgot to use it at work today, got kinda cray cray, #fashionindustryprobs)Have you guys tried this powder fix? Would love to know what you guys think of it. 

It's a mini size and great to carry to in your bag or clutch. Also, thumbs up for the mirror on the top!

#4 Makeup Fixing Mist $15

I LOVEEEEEE THIS SPRAY! It's been a staple for me all summer as it keeps my face so hydrated. The rosewater and tea hydrates my skin, as well as protects it. I love to spray this before my makeup application and after. It helps to keep the makeup fresh throughout the day.

Thanks for checking out my latest beauty post! love you guys