IT Cosmetics Fall 2017 Beauty [Exhib] IT

Hi guys! I just got home from what is quite possibly the most fun beauty event I've ever attended. IT Cosmetics literally created a makeup playground and it it every beauty gurus dream come true. Like no really, it's a dream come true. Brow Power Seesaw's, Mascara Slides, Brush Swings, and perfect selfie stations.

This event was to introduce the Fall 2017 lines and OMG it just made me more excited for all the products to launch in Ulta.

Some new items to look forward to are the Confidence in a Cleanser ($28), Bye Bye Under eye Concealing Pot ($28) Bye Bye Pores  Illumination ($29) Bye Bye Lines Foundations, and soooo much more

Once products start launching I'll be sure to test and let you guys know what I think. But for now, can we take a moment and appreciate the ultimate playground we just came home from!

The event is open to the public on July 26th and you can RSVP here! Hope you guys check it out here and have as much fun as I did!

Click here for tickets (free by the way)

It was such a cute event and IT Cosmetics is literally such an amazing makeup and skincare line. If you haven't tried their stuff out, I'd make a trip down to my latest Ulta and check em out.

Okay, off to bedand I'll check with you guys on the next one.