It's Pronounced NEH-KAY-OH

Hi Guys!

I'm so happy to share another beauty post with you guys. Actually, I'm happy to share another post period!

Today is all about a new brand that is sold exclusively available at ULTA & I'm really excited to talk about it! The Nyakio Beauty line is special to me for two reasons.

1. I am honored to have had a dinner with Nyakio herself, alongside a few other Latina bloggers from NYC. Nyakio's auora and her story was nothing short of inspiring. Hearing her talk about her line reminded me (& i'm sure everyone else in the room!) how important it is to be inspired by the things around you. Inspired by the beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation and globally, Nyakio Beauty shares her wisdom to achieving ageless skin. It was such an inspirational dinner. 

2, Her line is formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde, and butylene glycol. As I educate myself more and more about the ethics in the beauty industry, it's important for me to be more cautious about where I spend my money. And most importantly, WHAT I put on my face and body.

Images from our dinner with Nyakio Beauty. More on her Instagram!

The full 16 SKU line includes (the country origins of the primary ingredients are in parentheses) - (Information provided by Press Release)



Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm (Spain)


Kenyan Coffee Face Polish (Kenya)

Chinese Rice Exfoliating Cleansing Powder (China)

Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub (Kenya)

Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish (Kenya)


Manketti & Mafura Anti-Aging Oil (Zambia for Manketti Oil and Mozambique for Mafura Oil)

Marula & Neroli Brightening Oil (South Africa for Marula Oil and Morocco for Neroli Oil)

Maracuja & Yangu Soothing Oil (Brazil for Maracuja Oil and South Africa for Yangu Oil)


Baobab Lip Balm (Mali)

Tamanu Firming Face Balm (India)

Baobab Youth Infused Daily Defense Crème (Mali)

Red Ginseng Line Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream (China)

Quinoa De-puffing & Firming Eye Cream (Peru)


African Black Soap Purifying Mud Mask (Ghana)

Chamomile Soothing Sleep Mask (Egypt)

Global Beauty Starter Kit

Kit includes Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm, Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, and Tamanu Firming Face Balm

For today's post I will be highlighting and reviewing 3 products out of her line.  These 3 products attracted me the most based on what other bloggers were saying, as well as certain problem areas on my skin I want to tackle.

African Black Soap Purifying Mask - ULTA Beauty - $35.00

My skin type is normal to dry skin. My skin has a tendency to get oily and breakout a week before my period. When I used the mask, my skin was a bit oily, but still more on the dry side. I had breakouts on my chin before trying the mask.

Directions say to leave on anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Right when I at first when I put the mask on and had a very tingly feeling, which initially made mea bit nervous. I was scared it would irritate my skin, but the tingly feeling was also very cool and refreshing.  As the mask began to dry, the tingling went away. So I left it on for a full 10 minutes.

- After washing away with lukewarm water, the exfoliants in this product made my skin feel soooo smooth and clean. It left a thin layer of product that hydrated my skin throughout the rest of the day. I love products that leave my skin hydrated, it helps with my dewey looks when I do my makeup!

Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub - ULTA Beauty - $35.00


Nyakio Body scrub was a popular item of discussion during our dinner. The other ladies were excited to to receive the body scrub in our goodie bag, and after coming home and trying the product out for myself, I now know why!

- The smell of this product is so refreshing and you can literally feel your skin being rejuvenated as you apply a layer on.

- After you wash the product off, you feel a silky layer left on your skin that softens and nourishes your skin.

- The best part was waking up in the morning and still smelling and feeling the product on my skin. Nothing beats that fresh feeling.


Quinoa De-Puffing and Firming Eye Cream - ULTA Beauty - $39.00

I hide my dark circles and puffiness with makeup and concealer, but nothing is better than NOT having to cover up the puffiness. I was born with dark under-eye circles (it's heredity and I've tried all the creams to get rid of them!) but puffiness around my eye area, YEAH, that's something I can work on :) 

This product has a ceramic tip that keeps your under-eye area cool, which helps out with the puffiness. I've also found that this product helps smooth out my under eye creases when I apply concealer and powder on my under-eye area.


Thank you for checking out today's post! Make sure to check out more products from Nyakio Beauty on and ULTA Stores.