Valentine's Day Guide 2017

Up until 6 years ago, I always celebrated Valentine's Day alone. Now before you feel any pity for me, I never saw it as a bad thing. Buying my own chocolates, writing myself a love note, and filling my room up with my favorite flowers, reminded me that if I never had anyone to do those things for me, I knew I would always have ME.

Self love is the most important love. It took me a long time to see and get there. It was hard to realize that V-Day was something you could spend alone, especially when ad campaigns and commercials constantly reminded you that this was a day for couples. I won't lie, it was hard at first. But before you could ever love anyone else, you must first learn to love yourself.

It's okay to feel sad if you're alone on this day and to wish you had a someone to celebrate with. But it's 24 hours of a commercialized day, and if I was alone, I'd make that day about me. Before I get into my gift guide, here are some tips if you're celebrating V-Day the non-conventional way.

  1. Order take out, grab some wine, and watch your favorite movie. My fav movie of all time is The Craft. I LOVE a good 90's flick, and even more when it's about high school witches. 
  2. Buy YOURSELF a gift. No really, Do IT. And if you order online and there's a "Add a Note" option. DO IT! Something I've been doing the last few years is using the "Add a note" option to write myself quick letters. Whether it was a favorite quote, a note of affirmation, or just a "keep grinding girl" reminder; I DID IT. I have all my notes saved in a box that I sporadically read, especially for those days when I'm feeling down.
  3. Don't let the happy couples fool you. We live in a world where we only like to highlight our highs. We're not all ready to share our insecurities, flaws, and sad moments with the world. I mean... we critique our own selves harshly enough, why give the rest of the world the opportunity to judge and critique us too? Totally not saying that every happy couple out there is just "faking it for the gram" but faking a great photo is a lot easier than admitting any sad truths. So, be happy for them, but don't wish to be them. Focus on self love and what makes YOU happy.
  4. Once it's all over, comes the 2nd best day! (Christmas is first duh) February 15th is the BEST DAY EVER. ALL CANDY is 75% off. HELLLOOO YASSSSSSS



  1. CANDLES. They set the mood for anything. I don't know about you, but I light a candle up everyday. It puts me in a calm and relaxed mood and gives me the right vibe whenever I'm editing photos or a blog post. My favorite candles are usually the ones I find at TJ Maxx. But for a special day like Valentines Day, I like to light up my Diptyque candles. They're a bit steep in price, but for me and Rady, I like to make it a little more special. $70 candles only get lit up on special occasions. #TooBrokeToLightItUpEveryday
  2. BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9-Piece Brush Set - $16.99 - I bought this 9-piece set for myself, because let's be real. A rose gold brush set for less than $20 is a steal! For a fairly new relationship, pair this with her favorite chocolates and she'll be one happy camper. Plus, the extra soft bristles will have her using them everyday.
  3. Henri Bendel's Jewelry Wallet - Never met a girl who didn't have more jewelry than she needs. So skip the cliche necklace and bracelet gift this year, and get her a Jewelry Book instead. I love my Henri Bendel jewelry book. It's great for travel and super chic! Side note - Henri Bendel is guaranteeing delivery before Valentines Day if you order in the next 24 hours! 



  1. Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive $60.00 - Rady and I love this scent. It's seductive, sophisticated, and masculine. Literally, my favorite traits about Rady. The smell last long enough for dinner and a movie! And a late movie afterwards... Hehe
  2. POLO Blue $105.00  - Our favorite scent during the the colder days. Reminds us a lot of summer! Who doesn't miss those summer days.. <3
  3. MONT BLANC Legend $88.00 - LOVEEE this smell on Rady. The cologne is strong, handsome, and manly. 


I need to take this moment to appreciate having a boyfriend who loves colognes. Rady can have 100 bottles of colognes and would still be happy with a new one as his V-day gift. This V-Day though, he'll be getting something different and I'm excited for V-Day to get here already!

So instead of gifts for him, I'm sharing more gift ideas for her.. #SorryNotSorry

  1. URBAN DECAY VICE LIQUID LIPSTICKS $18.00 - Get all the reds and pinks! 
  2. CABOODLE $45.00 - No makeup girl can be without one!
  3. SPA DAY AT HOME w/ LUSH - Bath Bombs are the IT thing right now. And so much fun!
  4. ROUGE LOUBOUTIN Nail Polish $50.00 - If it's too early in the relationship to drop $$ on a pair of red-bottoms, show her love by getting her nail polish in the best shade of red out there! Nothing screams V-Day more than a GOOD Red.
  5. Customized M&M's Starting at $30  Bring your chocolate game up to the next level. I love when two of my favorite things come together to create one memorable gift. Milk Chocolate and Personalization will make any holiday memorable and sweet. 


Thanks so much for reading guys!

(Rady, if you're reading this post, remember I'm still waiting for my Birkin)