Shea Moisture's Coconut Oil Collection

Hi guys! 


It's been an intense past few weeks! Work has been crazy busy, cousins are getting engaged, freelance gigs are becoming more frequent, oh! and not to mention, trying to plan a wedding.. It's gotten to the point where I am writing and editing posts on my train rides to work.. lol. One day I'll have an assistant to help me out, but for now, it'll just be me and my iPhone.

For today's post, I wanted to share the latest from Shea Moisture. If we have been social media friends for a while now, then you know how much I LOVEEEEE Shea Moisture. Their African Black Soap and their  SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System has been a staple piece in my beauty must-haves for years now. So when they released Virgin Coconut Oil Collection, I KNEW I had to get on it!  

I have been using the the shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and face oil for the past 5 weeks. Below is some quick info on my hair type, what I like about the collection, what I wish it did, and who should be using these products!

My hair type: Thick, Dry, (a bit damaged cause I give it so much heat!!) As a beauty blogger, we get a lot of hair products to test out and sometimes switching brands so often affects how my hair behaves. I never really know how my hair will react or if a product will live up to its promises. THANK GOD, I'm never scared to test out Shea Moisture. There's a reason the brand has the reputation it has.

How often I wash my hair: Every 3 days. Once my hair starts falling flat and getting oily, I know it's time for a wash! What I love about this line is that it doesn't leave my hair feeling too dry. The naturals oils in my scalp is what helps keep it voluminous and luxurious. With the Coconut OIl Collection, my hair stays hydrated and smooth.

How many washes?: I do 3 shampoo washes with a cold rinse. 1 wash with conditioner. I towel dry my hair and spray the leave-in treatment. I let my hair air dry and then curl and straighten with my CHI flat-iron.



If you guys didn't already know...

I cut my hair 1 year and a half ago. REALLY SHORT. I have been using Biotin bases products to help it grow, but another AMAZING product to use to grow your hair fast, is........YOU GUESSED IT.. Coconut OIl. 

There are a lot of benefits to using oils in your hair, especially Coconut OIl. So when Shea Moisture introduced the Coconut Oil Collection, I knew it was the perfect product for me. My hair has been growing fast the past year and half and I can  already see the effects of adding the Coconut Oil Collection to my beauty routine. 




The last product I want to mention in my post is the Overnight Facial Peel. Not only is my hair dry, but so is my skin... Man, didn't I get lucky?! Lol. The overnight peel hydrates my skin overnight and has my face feeling mega hydrated in the morning. Every morning after using the facial peel, I only like to wash my face with water. I won't use any cleansing products, I like the moisture left behind on my skin. It actually lets me skip in step in my makeup routine! With my skin already feeling so moisturized, there is no need for more moisturizer. #Yasssss

Have you guys used the Coconut Oil Collection or anything from Shea Moisture in general? Seriously, they're my #1 brand and I LOVE recommending their products. Hope you pick up their collection!

Thank you for reading, XOXO!