Week 12, 13, 14...

and we're now at the beginning of the 15th week of the year. To be perfectly honest, time feels like it's going fast, but when I think of it only being 15 weeks into 2017, it seems like "wow that's it?" But remember, that's not always a good thing.. President Small Hands has issued insane executive orders, has excessively tweeted his every move and thought, and is creating more chaos than we need right now. With his first 100 days in office, he has instated a Travel Ban, threatened sanctuary cities, accused Obama of wired tapping, and just this week, dropped missiles in Syria. This So-Called President and his connections to Russia is very alarming (not to mention Russia just threatened to take action against the US for the missile attacks) Ugh, I hate to get political on what is technically a "fashion blog" but I can't keep my focus on fashion and pretty things when innocent people are dying everyday and our lives are in danger. And while it's so easy to be out of touch with what's happening on the other side of the world, it's also SO HARD to ignore when you've become exposed to another reality.

A lot of people have different opinions on his recent acts towards Syria, but we have to remind ourselves why Obama never did it. War ISN'T that answer to our problems. Ugh, why do these politicians not get it. Maybe I'm the one who just doesn't get it?... 

The last three weeks I slacked big time on my blog. I have PR packages I still haven't open, deadlines overdue, and been in a funk of "I want to blog, but how does my blog help the bigger scheme of things" Is anyone really reading? This might be the flu talking lol, I hope..

When I started blogging it was a source to escape certain realities, and to be honest, I think that's why I always felt attracted to the fashion and creative industry. I had thought that my childhood hobbies of coloring, cutting fabric, and scrapbooking couldn't really follow me into the adult world, but boy, I was wrong. If I was going to have a 9-5 out of college, I wanted it to be something that felt was a part of me. Something that would carve the way of one day owning my own business. And as much of an excuse it is, sometimes there really isn't enough time to do everything I want. Between fashion events, long hours at the office, and trying to find time to blog, I see myself sacrificing me-time, family bonding , sleep, and time with Rady. To me, nothing is more important than self-love and giving love to those close to me. But it's hard. And I know it's not an excuse, when you love something, you find the time for it, right?..

A lot easier said than done.

But this week I spent time with my cousin and her new puppy. And man, it felt nice to just talk a walk in the park; a puppy was the best added bonus of that day.. Remembering to breathe is vital to living a longer life.. lol

Rady and I are trying to take this wedding planning thing serious, but to be honest, time feels so limited sometimes that when we do spend time together, we just want to enjoy each-other's company. Talk about our day, watch a movie, make fun of each-other. Those moments mean more to me than wedding planning, shooting flat-lays, or caring about social media.


Work has been good this week. Super busy as always, but I'm grateful for the job I have. Doesn't suck that I actually really like what I do.


But there's a lot to do this coming week.

Work, Blog, Shoot, Events, Plan.

I just hope this week doesn't go by as fast as last week did. Before I know it, my "Week 15" post will be do and I will be too tired to write.. again...

But today is Sunday and even though I already had to cancel coffee plans to get some work done, I hope I can get some more content out for you guys. A post on my favorite hair products at the moment can be a nice distraction from President Small hands.

Any one else looking forward to his impeachment? Even more than the next Youtuber x Makeup Collab.. Just saying.

But anyway.. lol.. thanks for reading guys. Really do appreciate you taking the time to check this post out. Now I'm going to try and focus on work, which btw is due 9AM tomorrow.. ughhh. (I should really stop binge watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix..

Okay, bye now.

Love ya, Bibi