Week 9 & 10

after 4 hectic days in LA, a full work week, and "typical Latina Saturday Cleaning Day" I am beat.

I want a sleep so bad, but I also want to write and release.

Life has been great, it really has. But there will always be bumps along the road. And whatever, bumps are fine.

Maybe I'm just tired and am overworking myself; and it's causing me to see the small thing a lot bigger than what they are.

Sometimes I wish for more hours in the day, wait actually, i'm always wishing for more hours in the day.

But I have exciting news.. I can't really share yet. All I will say is, HARD WORK PAYS OFF.

I try to work hard at everything I do, but I need to remember that I must work smart too.

day light savings tonight. meaning, we lose an hr. and chill, I need my hour! 

going to bed; or actually Ima scroll through Instagram till I dose off.

thanks for reading.

love ya.



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