Week 5

as of late, 75% of my weekly posts have been political. sorry not sorry for that. certain issues  take precedence over other things. right now, recapping about fashion and beauty events I attended this week just seems bleh. There was a topic I wanted to address this week (truths about the blogging industry, but that's a whole post on its own. And I promise, it's coming to you).

good news that the Muslim Ban was lifted. Should've never happened at all, but what can we expect from this so-called President.

By the way, follow my Twitter and join me in the #RESISTANCE 


if you're home today and can't find the nearest protest, I'd suggest going on Netflix and watching 13th.

A film very much needed.

See ya'll next week. We're only 2 weeks in with Donnie Small Hands Trump and he drains my soul. Like literally drains my soul.

Love you guys.

Please spread love, peace, and unity.


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