Week 8

(editing this post as I sit in LAX heading back home from a trip, totally 2 weeks late)


Last week's recap I shared that Rady and I are now taking our relationship to the next level. I'm so excited for this milestone. I am however, a little anxious, because in pure Latino fashion, my family is already planning the wedding. If one thing is true, it's that I love Rady. A wedding with the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and surrounded by the most beautiful lilies and roses I've ever seen would be amazing, but that's not my "dream". While marketing and ad campaigns will tell you that this is supposed to be the "Most Special Day of a Women's Life" I was never truly romanticized by that idea. If there was dream I could share with you right now, is that all I want from this is a blissful marriage. 

Partnership, support, equality, love. That's my dream. That's what I want.

Oh, and that Rady does not annoy me before I've had my morning coffee.

I'm not saying a marriage will be easy peasy lemon squeezy, but I want what my parents have. That even with my mom's OCD cleaning and my dad's "can't keep a secret" habits, they still love and support each-other. Even in some of the most roughest times when it was easier to just leave.

They've stuck it out for 27 years, and man I can only hope to have half of what they have in my marriage with Rady. 

As much as I romanticize about the idea of one day waking up and strutting to City Hall to make it official, I don't think I can do that LOL. Imagine my Dominican mother finding out I had run off and got married?! CHILDDDDDDD, I'm telling you now, I'd surely go missing.

So definitely don't think I can get away without having a wedding. I'll never live to hear the end of "my only daughter didn't celebrate her union!" from my mom. Mom and dad have sacrificed everything for me and my brothers and if a grand wedding for their only daughter is what would make them happy, I will give that to them. It's the least I can do. And HEY! I'm not saying I won't enjoy it. It's a celebration of love and unity (something this country needs more than me and Rady right now)

But above all, it'll make them happy.


As I am in the primarily stages of my engagement, my brother is officially at the end. Tonight, my brother and his fiancé get married. I'm SERIOUSLY so excited for them! If there is one thing I truly enjoy about a celebration, it's the fact that it brings everyone together. We're going tonight to celebrate love and unity.

Bringing two cultures together and creating one family.


No matter how Rady and I do it, whether it's at City Hall or a grand wedding celebration, I'm going to love him regardless, and more and more each day.