Week 6

it's New York Fashion Week and i just got home from a long night out. It wasn't until mid way of my last show that I remembered about my weekly posts.

I can't be believe I almost forgot.. it's been one long week. 

too tired to post. too tired for anything. Man, I really wish I got a Snowday on Wednesday.

Why do I feel like I had so much more energy when I was in college. I was surviving full load of course work, internship, radio show, and a part time job. I never slept. I was always on the go.

Now I'm starting to think it's catching up to me. Normally, I'd drop everything for NYFW, but this season, I'm only going to shows of close friends and designers I really love.

Starting to think I might need a break, or a vaca. Ahh yes. A vaca would be really nice.

(also quick shoutout to Camille and Jose who've been helping this girl get some good NYFW coverage!)

I might publish a new post tomorrow, cause today I'm just so tired...And frankly, I want my bed more than I want to write this post.

 I've always hate the phrase "I'm tired" but man, I really need sleep..


ya'll, i really do love you for reading.

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