Week 1.

I hardly ever follow new year resolutions, or I actually never really set them. But, there's a first time for everything, and this year I decided to do something different. Last few months, I've been having a hard time staying consistent with my blog and Youtube. It was easy to say I was tired from a long day of work or I was busy taking photos for Instagram, but in all honesty I was really just feeling uninspired. There were too many moments where I felt like "what's the point, what am I gaining from my blog?" With 5 different social media accounts, it was becoming way too hard to keep up with everything. AND, I also had to post on my blog? It was overhwleming.

If I already posted outfit details on my Instagram, why post the same content on my site again? Ugh. It was the worst struggle. And I didn't know how to fix it.

                                Coffee always makes things better! Check out my babes site and new bags! Just the vibes we need for 2017                                                                                   SO MUCH YES. THAT SECOND LOOK.   

                                Coffee always makes things better! Check out my babes site and new bags! Just the vibes we need for 2017

                                                                                SO MUCH YES. THAT SECOND LOOK.  

I stopped enjoying photography and my random bursts of inspiration were becoming more and more rare.. I felt like my life had become WAY too routine; I had to act, but I couldn't stop stalling. I knew I couldn't stay in this funk forever. And if I was uninspired, why was that? Was it based on the people I hung out with? Was it because I wasn't challenging myself enough? I had literally become so bored with everything that I had begun to dread the thought of attending beauty/fashion events.

I knew there were personal stuff that affected my Creativity, but I couldn't believe it got to the point that being creative was no longer my outlet to forget life's realities. I knew changes had to be made.

There was a lot of 2016 I wanted to make sure didn't follow me into 2017.

Changes were made; both personal and professional. Some friendships came to an end, and a few others were rekindled.

I promised myself that I would guarantee my readers one personal post a week, every Saturday, no matter how tired how busy or how discouraged, I would still find time to write. Even if it is a one word post.

It is the end of the first week of the 2017 and I have to say; we are off to a good start. I had Monday off from work, and this past Friday I reconnected with an old friend. Today is Saturday and these are the days I clean. Ugh. Latina probs.

I hung out with my friend Jenn at Benjamin Steakhouse and oh my God it was delicious. The food, the service, the location, the company, LITERALLY everything was amazing. I'm starting to fall back in love with New York City and I hope my  rekindled desire to explore more of my city doesn't go away..

Today I woke up thankful and there's nothing more that I could be happy about. Some moments don't always allow us to wake up the happiest, but today I did. I really hope you did too.

2017 will take us places. I'm excited for all that's too come.

Love you. Thank you for reading.