Week 4

currently listening to SIA in the background, as I free-write #mood

someone tell me why I just ordered Chinese Food.. Ugh. I've spent the entire day doing my typical Saturday routine.

wake up.

scroll threw IG, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter

Spend the next 5 hours deep cleaning my house

eat. (yum)

I can't tell how productive today has been, but am I excited from a few emails I've received today. Every season when the Holidays are over and things seem to become routine, I get a friendly reminder that Fashion Week is coming.. And while some might not understand the excitement I get (even after my "truth about Fashion Week" post) it really is such an exciting time for me.

Fashion has always been an escape for me. 

And lately, the more I scroll through my Twitter, the quicker I pick up my Vogue. I LOVE seeing SO many of my online friends join the resistance of President Trump (ugh, I just barfed in my mouth. how he is really president. Bernie, please tell me this is joke) I still stand shocked with every executive action he takes against Muslims, Immigrants, and Women. My heart just breaks.

He is our president...and I will have a very hard time accepting this truth. But rest assure, I will continue to resist, protest, and march.

A part of me feels guilty when I obsess over the new makeup or fashion collection. Millions of immigrants are living in constant fear and here I am, worried about whether or not I'll be able to snag the latest makeup release. Trying to find a balance between loving life right now and knowing we have Hitler's and Mussolini's lovechild as our President, ain't easy. Like it really scares me..

ya'll, it wan't supposed to be like this!! 

So what do I do? I dig my head into fashion books and listen to Spotify. Anything to escape the fuckery that is the US right now.

However, the current protest happening at JFK does keep my faith in us Americans alive. We are resisting to what we know is WRONG and we are not staying quiet. And maybe one day, should I have a daughter of my own, I can talk to her about these times.. how we're still fighting for all human rights, but how that fight was worth it. And how that fight and perseverance brought everyone closer.   

For the tweets, Facebook posts, live streams, and photos out there documenting the resistance, I promise... I'll pay more attention to that. I hate to see Trump on my phone screen, but can't deny that man is bringing us ALL closer together. With every action he takes, the more united we become.

I still love my Vogue tho.