Week 3.

Yesterday was a somber day.

It was the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. 

A man I did not vote for. A man I believe is not fit to run this country. A man who does not represent what America is.

He can be your President, but I will not acknowledge him as mine.

Michelle and Barack exemplified grace, compassion, and unity. You will be missed. For you, we will not stop fighting the fight. We will work towards equality for all of us. Thank you for the last 8 years.

Today was a better day. Women all around the world united in peaceful protest to stand for our equal human rights. Today is a day I am MOST proud to be a Latina, a woman, and an American. 

Inauguration was nothing compared to The Women's March. Together we are stronger. Together we will fight.

He will NOT beat us.

photo by  Kendall Henna

photo by Kendall Henna

I am taking the weekend to spend it with my family, but as promised you guys, I am giving you my weekly posts. I hope you take this weekend to spend it with those you love and not be afraid to start those hard conversations.

My mom and I haven't always seen eye to eye and sometimes she doesn't understand what the marches and protests are about.. But today we opened up a dialogue that was very much needed. While her views can be more on the conservative side, I'm happy she's opening her heart and mind a little more everyday. After the yesterday and today, to be in a place where we can see each other views. While we might not agree with them, we can respect them.

GOAL for 2017 - Have my mom join me in on a protest.

Thank you for reading. Love you.