Denim Blues

It was Sunday and Geri and I were just on the MTA bus heading to the thrift shop, when we passed by a park we had never seen before. Okay, we've probably seen it before, but never really paid attention to it. We decided it wouldn't hurt to explore the park, and see what hidden treasures Uptown had to offer. I will first say, that I am a person guilty of never really appreciating the beauty of my community. I started working at 14, so when school, work, internships, and homework were involved, there was hardly any free time to really hang out and explore your neighborhood. So at 24, I'm finally getting to know the city I've been living in my whole life. And looking pretty cool as I do..


i haven't worn jeans in YEARS. Like, I was all about the leggings Movement for quite a while. (As long as I wore a loose fitting shirt that went below the buttocks. My mother would NEVER approve a super tight look (you know the look I'm talking about, a tight tanktop, tight leather jacket, and legging so tight, you buttocks are screaming for help) and I'm glad she never did. Leggings allow you to eat as much as you want and just remain comfy all day! For someone who was averaging 5 hours of a sleep a night for the last 10 years, leggings have been a god send! 


But it I can't always just wear leggings. Jeans have to come into play every now and then. I could be ignoring an entire demographic if I don't switch the style up every now and then. So this past Sunday, I decided to wear double denim and and black. Black is my best friend. I think my Instagram followers have seen enough of my black Urban Outfitters boots and black LongChamp. I have other colorful and patterned accessories in my closet that need my attention too.. Next week guys.. Next week.  

This is look was simple And it was put together in 5 minutes. I grabbed my brother's denim shirt (size L and from Forever21) pulled up my ultra stretchy jeans from H&M, threw my navy blue thin H&M jacket over the shoulders. Grabbed my shades, my boots, and my bag, and I was out the door! I made sure to have my hair all fun and wild, and a good lipstick! (Thanks Revlon)

& that's pretty much my look! Super simple and done in 5 minutes. I'd live to see other denim looks from you guys and see your styles!  

Make sure to leave some love behind in the comment section. Ya'll rock. ️Xoxo