Let's Get Lost.




Geri and I and are such Manhattan Girls. We practically cringe at the thought of leaving the island. You see, we're directionally challenged and we DON'T know how to drive.. ALL we know is Manhattan, but sometimes we just have get off our asses and hop on that 7 train. We were meeting a few friends to hang out at Studio Square in Queens. The destination was gorgeous, but sometimes it's the journey that tells the better stories.

So when we left Manhattan to get on the 7, inevitably Geri and I got lost. And I don't mean like we were off by a few blocks, I mean, we took the wrong train and ended up on the other side of Queens.. (an hour away from our friends) But hey, good pictures come out of the most unexpected moments. While we waited for Barbara and Harley (bless them for having a car and for being pros with Google Maps) we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot!


This was an interesting look now that I am looking at it through a computer screen. I thrifted this jacket for $5 and borrowed my dad's XXL t-shirt right out of his closet. The shoes and accessories are from H&M and now that I look at this, this is probably one of my favorite looks. It was quick, easy, inexpensive, and transcribes how I like to dress on the regular. 

Shoes : H&M - sale section - 20 bucks

T-Shirt: Dad's closet - no price tag - free?

Leggings: H&M - 10 bucks

Purse: DDP women - France- Gift 

Jewelry: I only like gold. I buy it whenever I can.

If you know me, you know I love food. Quesadillas from Studio Square are a heaven sent.