5 Tips To Attending Generation Beauty

Generation Beauty occurred this past weekend and man what a BLAST did I have! But I will not going without saying I wish I was given a few tips before hand. But hey, that's what I'm here for. Everything is trial and error and hopefully with this blog post, you'll learn to avoid a few of the errors I made. See Below for a recap and tips on how to survive Generation Beauty.

Tip #1  

Wear comfortable shoes! I can't stress this enough. I wore biker boots on Saturday and 3 inch heel boots on Sunday, and on Monday I was definitely paying the price! I had initially planned on wearing sneakers, but because I care WAY too much about how i look, I decided for a more biker chic outfit. #iBlameTheFashionGods Next Year, I'm definitely aiming for more comfortable shoes.


Tip #2

Bring Food, snacks, and water! I love attending #GenBeauty, then again, so do thousands of other people. Now this is where the problem arises. If you're anything like me, you're easily prone to headaches and crankiness (if you're not eating every 3 hours) 

I arrived to Pier 92 around 9AM and didn't get food until almost 2! I didn't have any snacks and there were only 3, YES 3, food trucks outside. The lines were INSANE and 1 food truck was even selling ice cream! I don't want to talk bad about Gen Beauty, but ice cream was NOT what I needed. And unsurprisingly enough, it was the shortest line out of all food trucks. I decided to walk over to 11th ave and just have subways for lunch. This all took 30 minutes and by the time I came back, I saw some of the same people STILL waiting on line for food! Maybe we can get more than 3 trucks next time.. 


Tip #3

Come with Friends... Or like how Geri and I did, make some new friends at Generation Beauty. Whether you come alone or with a gal pal, it is inevitable that you will meet someone! Or even run into your favorite YouTuber. It's a blast when you get to share all your makeup secrets and passions with good friends! :)  

Tip #4

Bring a Boyfriend, tinder date, or cousin.. Now the only reason I say this is because the lines can get pretty long. And you can quite frankly kill two birds with one ston, when you have your bf/tinder date/cousin holding a spot for you on lines, while you're on the other. If you plan on doing this, then it'd be best for you to buy their ticket. But hey, with all the samples and freebies you get, you definitely get a lot in return! The price of the tickets definitely pay for themselves.


Tip #5

Bring an extra charger! Or maybe even 2! We're all a part of the social media obsessed generation. This is great for all the brands we work with, but not so great for our phone batteries. I'm sure we're all equipped with the necessities to make our phone battery last longer and i'd be an ass to just assume that everyone walks around with a mophie charger. But, If you're looking for external chargers and mophie's might be a bit out of your price range, I would suggest an Anker Charger . This charger literally saved my phones battery on BOTH days! And it also helps with the pockets!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Take a look at some of the goodies I scored at Gen Beauty!