Comfy Chic in Mid November

If there are two things about me I would want the whole world to know it is that 1, I take FOREVER to get ready and 2, is that I don't care how you feel about it. Once I realized that my mother had accepted the fact that she has a daughter who needs an hour and half to get ready, no one else's opinion mattered. Not that this piece of info has anything to necessarily do with this post, just thought it was a fun fact to share. As I'm sure I am Not The Only One.. #QueSamSmith 

The most remarkable part of this look is the fact that it looks so effortlessly chic. I snagged this oversized sweater at Urban Outfitters (surprise surprise) for only $20 and I have become accustomed to wearing this an average of 3 times a week.. #NoShame #ILoveGrannySweaters #IAlsoLoveHashtags It's just so comfy, I can't leave it alone.

I paired this sweater with round sunnies and a tube shaped burgundy purse. I wanted to give this outfit a very "hipster, comfy chic" feel to it, while still keeping it very stylish. Accessorized with my gold Guess watch, H&M gold choker, and ALL my midi rings, and this look was complete.

The bag, shoes, and pantyhose are all from Urban too.. Until I find another store that feeds my soul they way Urban does, most of my looks will mostly comprised of Urban Outfitters. #WelcomeToTheUrbanKate

Enjoy this look. Let me know what you would change. Let me know if you take just as long as I do to get ready and have ABSOLUTELY no shame about that! Because if you do, I love ya for that.

Xoxo - b

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