Women Who Wear Black Lead Colorful Lives

A quote by the famous Neiman Marcus, nothing has never been so true. I don't think there is a quote that resonates more with "The Urban Kate" 

I've always been a fan of black and if it were up to me, my entire closet would only consist of this color; but for my own sanity, I'll buy clothes with fun patterns and poppy colors. But for me, the color black will always symbolize confidence, a strong attitude, and most importantly, it's so New Yawkkk. 

Now on to the outfit details





I initially wanted to wear an all-black everything outfit, but then it would've looked like I was ready to pull off a full fashion runway production. #FashionPRProblems And while I normally dress like that on the daily, I think you guys would appreciate a much more diverse fashion blog. #YoureWelcome

You may recognize my round sunnies from a previous post. I am obsessed with these; so obsessed that I even wear them to do laundry.. #PleaseDontJudgeMe #MyMomAlreadyJudgedMe #Tears

I decided to wear this Kate Spade piece as it was a subtle yet appealing accessory to match this outfit with. By the way, I pulled this look out of my closet without leaving such a huge mess behind (which is rare) I know this post is short, but this look is so simple, it's almost boring. But what I will say is that this look is clean, simple, and well-fitting. If only life could always be that way.

Thanks for reading loves.

Ya rock.





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