Adding Edge to a Free Spirit

Why are fashionista's never on time? You know what, my apologies for the generalization, so let me rephrase that. Why is Bibi never on time. I mean, I pick out an outfit, I take the photos, I upload a preview on Instagram (with a false promise that a post will be up soon) ALL within one hour. And yet, 6 days pass and no updates have been added to the blog. I swear I'm working it, because one post a month is never cute. (I'm literally in the middle of doing laundry as I write this, so please try to understand my struggle.)

Let's get into outfit details, shall we.


My Michael Kors Hamilton bag was finally brought back into society after it had been kept hidden deep inside my closet the whole summer. I was getting so accustomed to my all black Longchamp that I completely neglected my other bags. But the look I was going for didn't need my Longchamp, so I deserted that. My look needed a chic statement bag that would compliment my laid-back soft look. I need my Hamilton beauty.

My pants and top were purchased at Forever21 and H&M, respectively. There's something about a solid neutrals that make me feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed. I've dropped the hard-rock look once summer began and started leaning towards more comfortably chic-styled look. I don't know how I'll let go of this look once Fall really gets here, but I can already tell, it'll be hard..

( You can see Geri in the pic below. Well, you see her shadow)

My shoes were purchased years ago, maybe 4 or 5. I don't know what they're called or how I even got them.. All I know is these shoes were carried by Urban Outfitters, (again, half my closet is Urban Outfitters, so are we even surprised? lol) Remember my last post?  I wore these twice during Fashion Week and each time I did, they received mega attention. I think the soft blue color reminds people of denim? I mean, denim is super in right now. Thank you GAP.

 Based off my Instagram comments, I noticed my light blue straw bowler hat was a hit. That's always exciting. The soft blue matched perfectly with my low heel pumps from Urban. This hat is from River Island and is currently on sale for only $10, original price $30. Go buy and save 20 bucks, guys. Holler.

Also, I'm sure you noticed I named this blog post "I Found River Island" It was inspired by my head piece. It wasn't until the photo shoot was done, that I realized it was a River Island hat. I got this piece at a sample sale for 50 cents and never once looked at the label. This was a huge win for me at the end of the day. el oh el. #GiftsFromBibiToBibi

Okay, I think that's it. It's a Saturday night and I'm home blogging (and still doing laundry). Either that's dedication or I have a really crappy social life. *sigh* I love you guys for never judging me.

I hope you look through the gallery below and enjoy the pictures. Which by the way, were all shot by my bestest friend ever.

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