Call Me The Urban Kate.


My top was purchased at a secret sample sale, that I might one day share with you guys. It's a fleather short-sleeve that only costs me 90 cents. Yes. My top was less than one dollar. You can't even get deals THIS GOOD at Buffalo Exchange.

My pants were purchased at Urban Outfitters in the 72nd street location in New York City. What I love about Urban Outfitters is that their sales racks are filled with amazing goodies, that usually include an extra discount if you're a student! Don't you just love when retailers do that? And word on the street is that H&M is having an amazing sale as well, with an extra 10% off with your student ID. Note to self: Never leave the house without your college ID. Even if it's cracked, broken, or has a horrible  head shot of you, the discount will be worth it.

My shoes were purchased at the H&M location in 34th street, my favorite H&M location btw. What separates this location from the other H&M locations in NY is that this location ALWAYS has the best items on sale. Most locations don't even have a sales section in the store, but the one on 34th has yet to disappoint me. Even after 4 years of dedicated shopping, I'm still a happy camper. My faux snakeskin flats are a steal at $12.95. If you plan on purchasing these, you might want to invest in some extra soles; especially if you plan on walking all day or stand for long periods of time. They're not so great on your feet after a few hours.. No one said being stylish would be a breeze.

I've left the best for last. My beautiful Kate Spade was my birthday gift from Rad and it was the perfect way to celebrate 24. And at a hefty price of $498, it looks like I'll be celebrating 25, 26, and 27 with this beauty. I mean unless of course someone decides to buys me a Celine. *hint hint, Rady* Just kidding, but not really.

Well, I guess this is the end of it. Why was that so quick? Not enough quirks and jokes in this post maybe? Ah sorry guys! #IStillLoveYa'll

Don't forget to let me know your thoughts, comments, questions, or style tips! I love to hear it all.

Photo credit goes to amazing photographer Sarah Long.