Twenty Five Minutes in Dumbo

I need to start off this post by first apologizing for the lack of consistency in my blog and style posts. This whole "posting whenever I feel like it" thing is SO not cool. So, this is my official apology. But do you want to know what else is NOT cool? When people give you dirty looks just because your best friend is taking pictures of you for your blog. Well, for all the starers and dirty lookers, this is for you. I thought Dumbo was a cool place..


#OfficiallyHeartbroken #ButIStillLoveYouDumbo 



Okay, now that's out of my system, let's move on to the outfit details. My dress (which is actually a "beach dress" on H&M terms) was purchased online. No one is breaking the bank with a dress at $12.95. And no one I know is actually wearing this dress to the beach.. But who I am to comment when I haven't been to the beach in 5 years. #KanyeShrug My bag and shoes were purchased years ago and unfortunately I couldn't find any of those links online, not even on eBay. I did however find some shoes on Urban Outfitters, that have a pretty similar style to the shoes in my photos (in the sale section of course and they are just as fabulous.) The more I look at those shoes, the more I think they would've made my outfit a lot more chic and trendy. This is where I pause my writing and make a quick purchase... brb! Okay I'm back and made a terrible decision. I chose not to buy the shoes. I mean the fact that they didn't even have my size had NOTHING to do with my decision making, but after looking in my shoe closet, I realized I have something very similar to those already. Sigh...

My sunnies were purchased at the House of Geri. Geri's the sister I've always needed in my life. You know, the type of sister who's only there whenever you need to borrow a clothing or accessory item. Love you Ger! (she hates when people call her Ger btw.. haha) But no fo' real. Where would this post even be if I never borrowed your shades XOXO!