Keeping the Femininity, but Adding Edge to My Wardrobe

hi guys!

I seriously cannot believe it's been 2 months since my last fashion post. Keeping up with social media gets really tough when you have a full-time job and a wedding going on simultaneously. But what can a girl do right? Either I get my act together or stop complaining. But ugh, I do miss sleep and life would be so much easier if 3-day weekends were an everyday thing, you know? I had last Friday off and it was insane how much I was able to accomplish with an extra day in my schedule! I need them more often. 

I always seem to digress when I'm writing a blog post. I start with one topic in my head, but once I begin to type, it goes a whole other path. The path usually of me complaining and begging for more sleep lol - but soon that shall come.. soon. (this is me hoping I win the lottery tomorrow and can wake up everyday at noon)

camo 1.jpg

With the a busy schedule and so much happening at once - I tend to always go for a more casual look. Casual looks are great - but I love to wear pieces that can easily be elevated by one or two statement pieces. Such as a great heel or SICK bag. I meannnn, did we peep the below? Isn't she a beauty!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been obsessed with my camo jacket lately- it's so easy to style and it's super comfy - not to mention, a really cool trend right now. We (me and Rady, but I just ended up keeping it lol!) pulled this jacket from the men's section at H&M. I've been more attracted to men's fashion than woman's when it comes to statement pieces - especially during the Fall/Spring weather. I love to incorporate men's pieces such as a jacket or cardigan to give me the casual chic look - the over sized look is still one of my favorites to pull on the daily. I shop in men's size M to fit my broad shoulders and tall figure. 

 I love to mixing an edgy vibes with femininity and create a look that is VERY me. I styled my camo jacket with my Shoedazzle heels and my Brahmin bag. Isn't the cork material on the shoe SO cool. I had a few stops and stares while walking down the streets of NY.  I can't wait to wear these to the next event or shoot

camo 2.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed today's blog post! Let me know if you're into shopping the mens section too - or maybe that's just a Bibi thing - but I totally recommend everyone trying it!


Brahmin - Lane Melbourne $245

Similar H&M Camo Jacket $49.99

Similar H&M Ripped Denim Jeans $20

Shoe Dazzle Simona Detailed Pump - Only 5 Left!!

Thanks for reading - love you guys! xoxo