Staying Fly On A Budget

I can't believe how much I've been slacking on my blog lately. I've been posting more on my Instagram, but have totally neglected my blog the past two weeks. With work, visiting wedding venues, and freelance stuff, it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. But I'm so sick of that excuse and I know I need to better manage my time. So here's my promise to stop talking about how I never have time.. UGH. If I want this, I need to make the time.

I recently asked you guys on Instagram what post you'd want me to publish first, and surprisingly got a lot of DMs asking for "shopping tips and how to shop on a budget" 

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Honestly I wish I knew TOP SECRET tricks that no one really knew so I can share with you guys, but my biggest trick I would say to shopping on a budget is to simply shop the sale section and SHOP EVERYDAY. Now, when I say "shop everyday" I don't mean to literally shop everyday, but to frequent your favorite stores and see what new items just made it to the sale section. 

If you don't want to risk missing out on a hot item, definitely purchase it and hold on to your receipt for about 30 days! Stores like Steve Madden and ZARA would normally price match you if you purchase an item at full-price that then goes on sale. That tip works for a lot of people, but for me personally, I RATHER just live in the Sale Section. Stores like H&M and Forever21 are such fast fashion that trending items make it to sale section while they're STILL trending. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased items at full price that end up in sale that SAME WEEK.

This week I went to Urban Outfitters. Passing by the store, I saw a huge sign that read "EXTRA 30% off SALE ITEMS" Honestly, if I'm ever kidnapped is because someone lured me with a extra percentage off and already reduced item! Lol..

I bought the cutest studded booties for only $7! Can you believe it was on sale for $10, and then with 30% off, it came out to $7. Now with sales this good, there's usually a catch. And the catch was that sizes were SUPER limited. However, these styles must've not done well or they had a lot of inventory cause I found my size in these shoes!

Jules Studded Kitten Heel Ankle Boot $19.00 ONLINE

I wish I had a MAGIC SECRET about how to save your money when shopping, but for me it's always about checking online, in-store, checking on a item to see when price drops. Below are my tips when shopping, but thing is I'm privileged  to work and live in NYC, where there are boutiques, thrift shops, stores everywhere. So I'm always in a store and come across a lot of sales! It definitely takes effort and time to constantly check prices and visit shops, but if you're a fashion lover, it's not so hard! It's actually a lot of fun.

  • If you shop online,  EBATES is a MUST. It's a cash back option and they work with SO many shops. You can use my referral link to sign up if you don't have an account already! CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  • SALE SECTION doesn't mean "out of trend" clothes. You can find a lot of basics and trendy items in the Sale Section. I never discrimiate on a good deal.
  • Since Winter is coming to an end, there are a lot of sales on coats and sweater. It's a great time to buy and stock up for next winter! If you're big on trends and would rather wear trendy clothes, you can never go wrong with solid colors or classic pieces. A black leather jacket or navy trench coat will also be in style
  • Never be afraid to ask retailers if they'll price match to their prices online. Sometimes an item will be cheaper on their websites than in the store and they'll price match you. I've done this at Macy's many times!
  • If you're a college student, a lot of retailers will give you 10-20% off if you show them your college ID. AOWWWWWWWWW - I miss being at school, that 10% discount helped a lot. Especially when you're dropping a lot of cash on clothes.
  • Store Credit Cards give you a certain percentage off to, for instance Macys and TJ Maxx. It's better to just get points cards wherever you can, so you don't rack up too much credit card debt. A girl loves to shop here, but there's nothing more I hate than bills and high interest rates.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. If you want more instant deals and catch me always shopping, make sure you're following me on INSTAGRAM. Half of my Insta-Stories are me always shopping somewhere. 

I love you for reading!

Till next time