2018 is Here & I'm Feeling All The Feelings


2017 taught me A LOT. I think like everyone else, 2017 was the year where we all learned a lot about ourselves. We learned more about who our real friends are, how much BS we'll put up with, and all in all, what it ALL really means.

I had a lot for plans for 2017, but somehow, somewhere, I lost track of my purpose. And if we're being honest, I got discouraged A LOT. It was hard to stay motivated, stay focused on my plans, and not let negativity take over. I let my self doubt, other people's opinions,  and broken relationships dictate what I wanted in life. I couldn't figure out which road to take and which path was the right one for me. Everything personal happening in life was beginning to cloud my judgement, especially when it came to my blog and being creative.  My own gut was something I wasn't paying attention to anymore.. 

But it was in early September when I I had my A-HA moment. It came after a brunch with other creatives/bloggers in the industry. These were bloggers whom I have never met before and honestly, I didn't know what to expect. You just never know how you'll vibe with someone, what their political views will be, what's their take on life. You know what I mean? You just never know.

We were all so different, yet all so the same, We shared our personal stories on love, the industry, what we want for our futures. It was one the most refreshing six hours I've had in a long time. It reminded me not to close myself off so much (which I tend to do) and it's okay to be open and vulnerable. The last quarter of 2017 took a positive turn and really set things off and my goal for this year is to continue.

With the wedding approaching, going into my second year with my job, trying to run my blog full-time, and preparing for a new life with Rady, I wanted to share and elaborate more on my goals for this year.

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The Only Opinions That Matter Are My Own

It's normal to seek advice from those closest to you, whether it's about your career, love life, friends, financials. I mean, we all do it, we don't always have all the answers so we seek advice from other people. Majority of the time, people will give you the best advice they can, and if you're lucky they'll remain objective, but that's not always a guarantee.. When you ask for advice, you also invite people to have opinions on your choices and what they think you should do. I sometimes fall into believing and listening to their opinions, but in reality, YOU already know what is best. Your heart and your gut won't steer you wrong. If I listened to what people have told me in that past, I wouldn't be here writing this blog post right now.

Save Save Save - Especially with our wedding around the corner!!

I've always been BIG on saving (I get it from my dad) A big chunk of my paycheck is automatically deposited into my savings account. But while I do save in that way, I'm guilty of shopping when I don't need to and spending money on coffee when I have Bustelo at home! Sometimes I think because I already save so much, I deserve shopping trips and overpriced coffee practically every day. NO - this totally adds up and it's money I can use to pay my bills, help out at home, or donate to a charity! So for 2018, I'm hoping I lay off the shops and shop only when I actually need to.

Allow Myself To Be More Vulnerable and Know That, That Is Totally OK!

Social Media can make people seem like they have their lives together - although so many bloggers and writers have more vulnerable and open online this past year! But if I can tell you guys how many times people have assumed that my life is perfect or how I totally have everything together (TRUST ME, I DON'T) I'd be rich! I don't know about you but it does bother me when people assume they know about your life based off Instagram pictures. although it may be my fault for spending so much time trying to curate the perfect Instagram feed! - insert face palm here. But 2018 is the year where it's okay to be more vulnerable and it's okay to be sad, and it's okay to NOT have it all together. You don't always need to be at 100, sometimes, you gotta be okay with being at a 10.

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Thank you for reading my first post for 2018! I hope you all stick with me for what is to come this year.

Let me know in the comments what your plans are for 2018, what are your personal goals? What's one of your biggest lessons from 2017? Let me know!

Wishing you love, health, and happiness for this year!