Rady's Style Pieces and Why I Love Wearing Them

Don't even know how to start this post.. I love fashion, photography, creating content, capturing our own interpretation of the beauty that still exists in our world..

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But to be perfectly honest, everything going in our world,  blogging, posting on my Instagram has become my last priority. I'm starting to find myself losing inspiration a lot quicker these days, and it's not because I don't love writing and creating content for my blog, but because of all the constant devastation around us. How do you find inspiration to create when so many people are in need of basic necessities. Donating what I can and having an active voice on Twitter still comes up short. & I hate not knowing what more I can do to help..

 The limitations are way too present. And when we have an imbecile President who would rather tweet the NFL than help Americans in Puerto Rico, my heart can't help but feel broken. I can't help but feel uninspired, feel helpless.

So what does an OOTD post matter these days anyway?

Maybe the world has always been this damaged and we're all just finally waking up.

But at least the world IS waking up. We're having conversations on topics we've ignored for too long.. They might be tough, they can cause heart break, and it might even show us those ugly true colors of people we've known our whole lives..but we're having them.

My conversations with Rady have shifted from light hearted topics of sneakers and fashion trends to the tougher and life changing topics of politics and human rights. But man, I'm happy to have those conversations with him. To know he stands where I stand. To know that even if something doesn't affect us personally, it still needs to be fought for..



I posted a photo on Instagram 2 weeks of me wearing Rady's jacket which you guys seemed to love lol..(I personally love to wear his clothes.) Before Rady came into my life, it used to be my dad's clothes that I borrowed, and when my dad didn't have anything I liked, I would go into my brothers closet to look for cool pieces. And for as long as I can remember, I really just enjoy shopping and wearing men style pieces.

Their section in stores always seemed trendier, cool, just more my vibe. I can appreciate a body con dress as much as the next girl (I usually wear one with a flannel wrapped around my waist) but the chill, laid back vibe of men's clothes is more me. Of course, I will take a men's piece and add my own femininity to it. This camo jacket from Levis was all the trend last season, but when Rady and I saw it Marshall's we literally had to buy it. I thought it looked great on it him and it really is a dope jacket overall. Of course, once I saw how great it looked on him, I couldn't imagine it wouldn't look great on me! LOL

I wore a solid color shirt under the jacket. I wanted to keep the green and browns to remain cohesive for my look. Paired with denim jeans and my Marc Jacobs slip on shoes, I was mega causal that day.

Rady on the other hand, wore the jacket with striped shirt under. And while I though the stripes might've been too much, it actually worked. His black snapback definitely help tie in his look together.











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Also, just FYI! A new Marshall's opened up in Washington Heights and they actually had more jackets available. Soooooo, we decided to buy one for myself too, just so that we didn't have to share..