NYFW Must Haves - For the Girl Tackling NYFW & The 9-5

Tackling NYFW while having a 9-5 is as easy as convincing Republicans that climate change is real. 

Most shows and events during NYFW usually fall in between my work hours. Working in the city, one would think it would be easy to sneak out and attend a few shows, I mean, as long as I'm checking on my work emails right? Ugh, Unfortunately it's not so easy. Shows are all over the city, MTA has constant delays, and Uber is expensive and can't ever beat NYC traffic.

But, I'll sacrifice my lunch hour to attend the one show during the day. Fashion before food right? Lol

Below are the items I carry with me during NYFW to keep my makeup look fresh, my phone charged, all while sporting a stylish bag.


1. Danielle Nicole Statement Bag $68

There are many thing that I love in life, and two things of those things happen to be Disney and handbags. When a designer and brand collab to create a DOPE ass collection, your dreams are pretty much made. I love this statement bag for NYFW for three reasons..

Small yet holds a lot, stylish and eye-catching, and it is the perfect transition for Halloween next month!

2. Portable Phone Charger $40-$60

NYFW is nothing without your phone or camera to capture it. Instagram, work emails, photo apps, and check-ins on Facebook drain out your battery so fast. I love having a phone charger with me to keep my phone charged all day. Wouldn't want anyone on my social media to miss out on any of my Fashion Week coverage. I love my Chanel phone charger, as it also doubles as a mirror! This charger was a gem from work.

3. Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss Shine $20

I love keeping a fresh makeup look. During the SS seasons of NYFW, I like to keep my makeup a little bit more fun than usual. The Buxom plumping lip glosses are the perfect addition for fun fall looks. The gloss pops and plumps your lips to have you selfie ready in between shows.

4. iPhone Case That Doubles as a Wallet $14

Usually when I head out the office to head to a show, I like to carry as little as possible. That means that any products with double functions instantly become my go-to. This fun leather iPhone case is perfect for on the go - i take the subway everywhere and am ALWAYS carrying my phone in my hand. It's amazing not to have to dig into your bag for your bag for your wallet. Have quick access saves you time and gets you to your show quicker.

5. Makeup Forever Refillable Trio Palette $45

This NYFW I have kept my OOTD's on a more casual side. Maybe I'm just not feeling it this season, maybe juggling work and NYFW has me tired, or maybe I just need another me. IDK. BUT, when my OOTD is casual, I like to make sure my makeup is on point. It might be extreme, but I contour everyday and I love touching up throughout my day. This is my current fav at the moment. Small, refillable, great application.


Hope you all are enjoying Fashion Week! Thank you for reading today's post.