Cool Kid Vibes - But Don't Be Fooled - The Stress Is Very Much Real

Labor Day Weekend is already here and I can't believe how quick the summer has passed! It's been one hectic summer - between work, brunches, late night dinner dates, weekend trips.. summer is pretty much over and we'll soon be eating turkey. And my summer of no wedding planning is now coming to an end. I'm working towards keeping my life in check and still managing a work-life-blog balance; and  trust me when I say, the stress is VERY MUCH REAL.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or flustered, I take a step back and breathe. I remember what's important and everything that might seem like a huge deal - really isn't. Instagram can make life appear perfect and stress free, but that is hardly ever the case - speaking for myself here. I love a good feed as much as the next millennial, but as I scroll through my feed, l can visibly see all the stress behind the images. I can even see some personal moments I'm going through as I look back at a photo and remember how I was feeling when I uploaded it. What might seem like "cool kid, no worries" pic can really be more of "my bills are due and I have a meeting in 15 minutes that I'm totally not prepared for" pic. But hey, that's life. & I'm taking it all one day at a time.

I hate to complain, especially considering how fortunate we are that we're not dealing with the issues MANY are facing right now around the world. But sometimes a girl just gotta vent. Bills, family time, side projects, full time job - sometimes I just want to buy a plane ticket and BOUNCE. Even scrolling through social media seems more like a job than a luxury. It's no longer a way for me to kill time or find inspiration, but it's become more of "what's trending, what can I bring to my blog next, who's the latest blogger everyone's talking about" It's all about market research for my blog, trying to connect with more brands and PR, mentally preparing for wedding planning - BUT - I'ma just play the cool kid role until I can actually BE the cool kid.

It's late night - I'm tired - I need a billion dollars.

Thanks for checking out the post - see below for OOTD details! xoxo

VSCO Cam-1.jpg



Top: H&M Men's Tee $25

Bottoms: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans - $40

Shoes: ALDO - Thiasa Black Nubuck $36

Bag: Danielle Nicole - Mischa Mini Satchel - $68


How I Styled This Look

I am a big fan of the denim on denim look and today's look shows it. I paired a men's H&M denim shirt with my Old Navy Rockstar jeans to achieve a laid back, cool kid type of look. The white tee-shirt under the denim shirt allows the material of my clothes to pop out more. The contrast between the white and dark denim help the look come together effortlessly. My mini satchel from Danielle Nicole handbags is paired perfectly with my black heel mules from ALDO shoes.

Style is all about confidence and effortlessness. I think I achieved that here :)