Favorite White Tee - Paired with Nikes

Hi guys & Happy Sunday!

It's always so hectic.

Like literally so hectic.

Between the constant train delays, attending events, my full time job + trying to blog full time, there seems to be more and more rare moments where I can just catch a breather. Any free time I get I obviously dedicate to Rady (or shopping, or shopping WITH Rady lol). Which I'm now thinking will have to soon become "taking OOTD photos" for my blog and Instagram.

As much as I love to spend time with Rady and literally do nothing, I know I have to get serious in my blogging again. It especially bothers when someones tells me I'm one of their favorite fashion bloggers.. Almost feels like I'm doing a disservice to them by not consistently uploading. So here I am, trying to get my act together and show ya'll my latest fashion look.

All the hanging out with Rady can definitely be seen in my latest look. I meannnnnn, do we spot the Nike shoes? Were they a gift from Rady or was Bibi inspired? I'd like to say I was inspired, but they were definitely a gift form Rady. I'm not down to invest in the sneaker head life just yet lol. Soon, but not yet.

By the way, Rady has the same pair. Maybe next time we'll do a fun OOTD collab and show you guys how we style them!

Whenever I wear sneakers, I only really like to wear them with leggings. I like to keep the street style look while also incorporating my every day casual chic style. So I pulled out one of my long white dress blouses (these were on sale in H&M and I literally bought 5 of them! I'm addicted to them for the summer... can't you tell? lol)

The right accessories always add fun and sophistication to any look. I stacked up on rings, bracelet, some cool shades and called it a day. NYC inspires a lot of pieces in my wardrobe, so that's why you see a lot of black, white, and neutrals in my fashion posts. Rady has been the latest inspiration when it comes to footwear.. Just wait till I show you what he persuaded me to purchase! (that post is coming next week) 




When I shoot my OOTD, I like to shoot in locations that can convey a story with my look. I like to pull outfits and locations together to create the perfect picture (even though the perfect picture will never actually be perfect, but you know what I mean) I live and breathe NYC, but can you believe this was actually shot in New Jersey?! New Jersey definitely has some hidden gems.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know how you would of styled this look differently. See you on the next one! <3 <3

XOXO - Bibi