And Here Comes The B..


No, like for real. There's a bag called Bibi out there and it's by Danielle Nicole handbags and like.. yeah, I may have peaked!

I think it's every girls dream to have a bag or a shoe or a shade of red lipstick named after her, and to be able to have that happen to you in your lifetime is seriously amazing. There are some great perks of working in the fashion industry (let's just ignore the stress, overtime hours, and anxiety for a second lol) and this is definitely one of them!

To be able to connect with designers and other creatives in the industry is one of the best perks you can get. You never know where these relationships will take you, and you never know how much you can truly flourish with the relationships and work you put into it everyday. And who would ever think they'd name a bag after you?!!! Not this girl! Still, so freaking cool.

one of the sweetest things ever, and this moment will remain one of my TOP 5 for a really long time.

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