I can't believe we have 4 days left to 2017! This year flew by and while there were plenty of downs this year, there were also many ups. I learned more about myself this year than I have any other year in my life. And i think it had mainly to do with the type of people I was surrounding myself with. While I don't think there were necessarily negative people in my life, there were people who unknowingly (or maybe knowingly) created creative blockage in my life. You know those types of friends who don't really support you the way they should, or the type of friends who support you only when they benefit off your PR contacts or beauty packages or the type of friends who only come with you to fun events, NOT to keep you company or support but because it looks cool on their Instagram. I mean, it is what it is and you just gotta learn from it.

I don't ever really know where my posts will go, I just think, and then I type..

This was also the year me and Rady got engaged. And without competition, that is my biggest highlight for 2017. There's a lot I plan to leave behind in 2017, but Rady will never be one of them. He's seen me through so many of my career changes and been with me through my travels and constant mood swings, and for that I'm so grateful. i plan to write a post about my feelings of  2017 and reflect back one last time before moving on to 2018, so for now, I'll just focus on the fashion.

and by the way, Rady took the below pics!! I think he's getting good :) 


Ripped jeans in 18 degree weather really wasn't a smart idea, but I was going Fashion over Function here! My puffy coat needed a bit of edge, so I styled it with my ripped black denim jeans and black patent leather boots. I gave it a bit of class by rocking my Brahmin bag - the color palette of this look is my ultimate fave!


The entire look is from H&M - EVERYTHING from the Sale Section. 

(coat $15, sweater $10, boots $20)

I wanted to link everything below, but everything is sold out online! Ugh

my Rockstar jeans are from Old Navy

My bag is Brahmin

Thank you guys for reading this quick chat/style/vent/2017 reflections/idk what to call it POST!

There's a lot of exciting stuff coming in 2018 and I can't wait to share more

Love you! Thank you for reading.