Weekends Are for Grey Cap's and No Pants

I'll be honest, Rady gave me the side eye when I shared this picture with him before uploading it to my Instagram. He asked where my pants were and while I normally listen to his fashion advice, I just gave him the side eye right back on this one. It's fashion boo! Have you never seen a shirt dress?! Lol, if it was up to him though, I'd be in a nuns costume all year around.

I'm always in leggings (I have a drawer full of them) and I've decided to leave them behind this weekend. Which can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depends who you. The weather is so up and down these days I don't think anyone really knows where to take their fashion.

VSCO Cam-1-2 4.jpg




I work in the fashion industry, but that doesn't always mean I'm decked out in the latest trends or dressed to the nines. There's a lot of meetings, projects, errands to run; work life gets so hectic,  I wouldn't really accomplish much in high heels and no pants if you know what I'm saying! So yeah, I try to bring my style game up a notch on the weekends.



These over the knee boots were the perfect touch to my dress shirt and jacket layered look. The hat helped keep my hair in place - my hair gets frizzy with the slightest bit of humidity. I think my style speaks more of a bad ass vibe. I'm such a NYer at heart, that my style tends to lean more towards a "please don't bother me unless it's necessary" type of vibe. It's definitely not my personality at all, but when I look at my pictures, I swear that's what I see. I don't know if people see that too, but those who know me, know it's just the fashion.. lol



BOOTS - Similar Styles

JACKET - Similar Style

DRESS SHIRT - Similar Style


A lot of the clothes I buy are normally from the clearance and sales rack - and today's look was no exception. I linked some similar pieces if you guys would like to copy this look!

VSCO Cam-1-1-1.jpg

Thank you for checking out today's post! As always, love you guys!