New York Fashion Week...

I call it My Christmas. And if your Christmas is anything like mine, then you celebrate with a lot of champagne, receive plenty of gifts, and pretend to love the family you see only once a year.. NYFW is pretty similar in the sense that I only get to hang out with some of my online friends when champagne, networking, and some occasional ass-kissing is involved. HEY! You do what you do and I won't knock down anyone for getting to where they want to get in life. But, there are plenty of funny moments and of course, every so often a "girl BYE" moment.

Never dull, never boring. And as much as a headache it can give me sometimes, I wouldn't change it.

New York Fashion Week ended close to 2 months ago, making me a bit delayed on this post. I wanted to let the excitement fizzle down and really re-collect my thoughts on what I observed this season. Before putting anything on the internet, I'll write, re-write, edit, and share with friends before it ever goes live. Some people might not find that all the way authentic, but the reason I share with friends first is because I can sometimes speak from a subjective voice. I try to see things objectively, but when I am passionate about a certain topic, it's hard for me to stay neutral.

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It is no secret that the venue change and blogger saturation of has brought frustrations to many in this industry. I've witnessed commentary from big bloggers, small bloggers, designers, Art Directors, and publicists. I've mentioned many times before, that this industry is NOT an easy one. It will test you physically, mentally, and psychologically. And anytime you think you're winning, you hit yet another bump along the road. These bumps have made me question myself time and time again. Am I good enough? What's the right choice? Who is the person I need to connect with? How do I get started? And so on, and so on, and so on..

I wont sit here and ever pretend I know all the answers; because I don't. I've been in this industry (working and blogging) for about 5 years now, and every day can still feel like my first. I was scared, intimidated, and excited when I set foot on my first fashion set, and 5 years later I still have those same emotions.

NYFW is that time of year where you stress about what you'll wear, stalk your favorite bloggers, connect with industry people, and anticipate for it to all be over. If you're a blogger and attend NYFW each season, you might get where I'm coming from. If you've never been and always wondered, well.. I hope I do a good job on giving you a bit of insight. 

How do you share the "real real" about an industry that you love without giving a negative impression? Every job/business/industry has its ups and downs. But if you love it enough, the good will always outweigh the bad. That's kinda how it is with me in this industry. There are super long hours, not enough money, a semi-existing social life, and A LOT of competition. But there are also great friendships, work recognition, creativity, travel opportunities, fun events, and a lot of champagne. Champagne always helps. 

Maybe in a future post, I'll get deeper about certain feelings and personal experiences I have had in this industry, or if you guys have any specific questions, I can do a blog post on it too. 

During Fashion Week I had many of my snapchat and Instagram friends message me about how to get involved with blogging and get invited to NYFW. I try my best to share all the knowledge I know, whether I know you only online or have met you in real-life before. I was a bit inspired to share my feelings and some tips about attending NYFW.


  1. Ask yourself why do you want to start blogging? Do you genuinely enjoy writing, photography, and fashion? Because contrary to popular belief, Creatives don't make as much money as you would think.. While we are sometimes gifted with luxury beauty products and high end shoes, in all honesty, they don't pay my bills. And if you're anything like me, once I wear something on the gram, I am very hesitant to repeat. When you start your blog, there won't automatically be press packages or big checks in your mailbox. You will need to invest a lot of time and your own money in creating content. With hard work and dedication, you will definitely get there! & when you get that first package, you'll never feel more happy. It's seriously a great feeling. (BUT, I still do keep a day job)
  2. Are you doing it because your blogger friend's life looks fabulous?! Us bloggers have mastered the art of perfecting a picture. I am the first to admit that I have uploaded some of my most fabulous pictures while sitting at home in my PJ's dogging down a 2nd bag of Doritos. I'm just saying, don't believe everything you see on the internet. In order to attend NYFW, I have put aside freelance and money making opportunities to attend show. Sometimes I regret it, other times it was worth it. But I won't share that on my Instagram, LOL.  #JustNOTHappening #I'llLeaveItForTheBlog
  3. Do you understand politics? I only ask this because this industry can be very much about relationships and moving up solely based on who you know. Granted, hard work and dedication will get you there too, but an invite to Michael Costello can be based solely on being friends with his stylist or PR, or even knowing an intern. These relationships are built over time. Having a good attitude when you don't get the invite, and honing your craft is one of the most important things to help you get you ahead.
  4. Have a good set of friends. This is something I am truly cherishing right now. For the first 2 seasons of NYFW, I mainly did them alone (which I have no issue on) But when you have a great set of friends who you can enjoy the shows with, have dinners with, and attend the same events, it truly feels like a blessing. This industry can get lonely sometimes and you might even experience a bit of backstabbing. But when you have solid friendships, they'll help you talk through any doubts, struggles, and really motivate you. That solid foundation is sometimes all you need. Not getting an invite to a show,  no longer feels like a big deal. There's always next season. And when fashion dies, your friends will still be there. Call it corny, but it's very true.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any specific questions about fashion week, I am always happy to answer! :) Shoot me an email!