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Bibi has partnered with notable beauty brands such as Neutrogena, Dove Beauty, Olive + M, Shea Moisture and many more. Her love for beauty combined with her passion for blogging continues to grow and flourish with each coming day. She plans to take her passion as far as it will take her.

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Travel, Food & Lifestyle

Bibi took her first solo trip to Europe in 2013, and the rest was history! Her desire to discover new cultures, foods, fashions, and ideas might never cease fire. Although life can be a bit crazy sometimes, Bibi will still try to travel a few times a year. All while providing her money-saving tips and tricks! When she's not traveling, she's showing her readers all that New York has to offer!

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Fashion has always been more than "trends" for Bibi. Her personal style is derived from her New York attitude and smarts. We all live to be fashionable, but Bibi shares her tips to finding the fashion finds on every budget! While Bibi loves to wear all-black and neutrals, every now and then you'll catch her rocking a fun floral piece.